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ESEC Technology

Our sustainable maintenance method for manhole covers and gully tops can reduce CO2 emission by 75% comparing to current excavation oriented practices.


We reach this goal by re-manufacturing installed cast iron manhole frames and changing the covers. We help you to review current product portfolio and suggest design parameters for future savings. 

Additionally, savings can be generated throughout the products' entire lifespan, from manufacturing - purchase to decommissioning, onto the recycling process.

Current method

Truck,  van and  small excavator 


  • Ca. 4 operators

  • Cumulative min. working time  16-24h

  • Blocking traffic, noise, pollution

  • Requires virgin products as replacement

  • High CO2 output

  • High cost

ESEC method

On site re-manufacturing:


  • Efficient - only two operators on site

  • Rapid - 2h per hole (excluding transit)

  • Accuracy superior to factory quality

  • Less noise pollution

  • Reduces CO2 emissions

  • Ushers in the circular-economy model

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