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On site re-manufacturing for manhole covers and gully top frames:

ESEC team will evaluate the suitability of the technology to each manhole cover case by case. After the on-site re-manufacturing (machining), the installed manhole frame seating area flatness will improve manyfold comparing to mass-production quality at the factory. ESEC has capacity to re-manufacture covers as well. 

Manhole frame modification:

With ESEC technology you can adapt safer installation of dirt or sand buckets to the gullies. We can also seal and attach the cover into the frame to prevent unpleasant odors, prevent water or other liquid substances to access the technology installed underground.
Technical evaluation and product support for municipalities and companies operating with infrastructure networks:
While you make the decision to apply our cost saving method for your product portfolio, ESEC team will support you through its network of casting professionals. Together we can create a sustainable operation model that will generate savings on maintenance costs, reduce CO2 emissions accompanying safer and smarter cities.

By looking beyond the point of purchase and installation of a manhole cover, we can extend the products lifespan expectancy significantly and create added value through re-manufacturing manholes and gully tops.
With ESEC technology and service concept you can facilitate an environmentally friendly urban development, cut CO2 emissions linked to current wasteful practices, and extend the lifespan of city infrastructure.

Contact us - together we shall improve sustainability of the infrastructure of our cities, one casting at a time. 


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