The sustainable infrastructure



ESEC founders have a long track-record with infrastructure projects.

We noticed that very often producers of manhole covers, installers and water companies confronted the same problem – manhole covers were making noise on the street. The famous “klink-klank” sound when a car, bicycle or even a pedestrian crosses a cover.

This noise problem is caused by imperfections in the castings metal surfaces and apart from noise pollution, the resonances and movement accelerate premature wear and tear. This will eventually lead sinking of the manhole frame and cover below the road surface. 

The only solution so far has been to excavate the faulty manhole cover set and replace it with a new one. All in good faith that the new one is better.

ESEC wished to end the wasteful practice of digging up perfectly good condition streets and un-necessarily patching them up. We sought the appropriate technology and discovered that our method also has a considerable positive environmental impact. We are able to fix the noisy manhole cover sets on site, using a no-dig method.


Safer and smarter cities

ESEC is seeking partners providing urban infrastructure applications, large data collection systems and APIs. Together we shall gradually render our urban infrastructure safer and smarter.

Ready savings for municipalities

Long term infrastructure maintenance costs can be substantially reduced with the aid of ESEC technology.

Savings are achieved by applying the ESEC model to product design and basing maintenance costs on re-manufacturing manhole and gully tops. 

CO2 impact

We can reduce CO2 emissions up to 75% over the castings' lifespan.

We work with top professionals in the field of sustainability. While bringing projects to implementation, our data collection will help municipalities, traders and manufacturers to apply a comprehensive approach to infrastructure.


Eco-friendly lifespan extension for manhole and gully tops


Expert Guidance towards sustainable smart cities


Customised group training for municipalities adopting our smart technologies

ESEC Estonia OÜ has been granted funds from the Innovation Voucher program of Enterprise Estonia, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The funding (4732€) is used for expenses regarding the European Patent Application which covers ESEC's unique method of manhole repair.